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How To Work Quickly


Pipes can be well connected to products just by pushing with hands. Products clamp pipes tightly and lock. Such simple systems can only be realized by Haolixin!

Cut pipes with pipe cutters to appropriate length to ensure notchings are vertical and flat.

Use HAOLIXIN special-purpose chamfering devices and depth gauges to remove burrs on tubular materials.

Mark out safe sealing indication lines on tubular materials.

Push tubular materials inside forcibly, until “cracking” sound can be heard so as to ensure safe sealing indication lines align at pipe collars.

① H57-3 copper bodies

② H57-3 locking caps

③ 304 stainless steel retainer rings

④ EPDM O rings

⑤ Dual-seal silica gel rings

⑥ Push pipe collars

⑦ Push the collar


System decompression

Dismantling:Place dismantling clamps on pipe junctions with one hand, push pipe collars forcibly to pull out.

Cyclic use:Pipe fittings and tubular materials must be kept clean and in good condition. Immediate inserting can realize connection.
Note: Connection of repeatedly-used pipe fittings might affect their property. Repeatedly-used pipe fittings should not be applied to permanent system.